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Co-Leaders :

Kahlan - Guild Leader, Founder

Akadin - Guild CoLeader, Video Editor

Kyonic - Guild Coleader

Deathunt - Guild Coleader

Jake - Guild Coleader

Duhaste - Guild Coleader
Shadokila - Guild Coleader

Admins :

Fzk - Admin, Team Leader

MagaTon - Admin, Team Leader

OverCrit - Admin, Team Leader

Opash - Admin, Veteran

Oralis - Admin, Main Healer

Rollsaq - Admin

Yuuki - Admin, Spiritual Singer

Healfortits - Admin

Atom - Admin

Dorkii - Admin

Yurp - Admin

To all players :

The Co-leaders in this guild are completely equal, they are not higher than one another, whether or not they do more work than the other, that doesn't matter. I go to them for all promotions, all questions, everything that I need help with and they give me their own opinion to what they think. There are no more promotion applications. Promotions are not easily obtained like they use to be, you need to gain the trust of all Admins, Leaders and me. I trust all of my Admins and for you to gain my trust you must show me how I can trust you. Do not ask for promotions, they will not be recieved.

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